Mesa Arts and Crafts Festival

Looking for something fun and free to do in the East Valley? We’ve got you covered! The Mesa Arts and Crafts Festival (MACFest) is back in season and bringing unique art, music and activities back to downtown Mesa. Here’s when and where you can get in on the action. A … Read More

“The Wand STA” Might be the New Anesthetic Future for Dentistry

When you were young, you may remember going to the dentist for a procedure that required anesthetic. You may have also had the unfortunate experience of having that anesthetic administered to you via needles or shots. This alone could possibly account for the prevalence of phobias surrounding dental visits, and … Read More

What is Oil Pulling?

If you’ve perused the internet at all lately, you’ve most likely heard of oil pulling. It’s a trend that has really taken off recently that has actually been around for a long time, dating back to the Indian Ayurvedic medicine tradition that’s 3,000 years old. Many practitioners swear by this … Read More

Yee-Haw! The 18th Annual Square Dance Festival is Back!

One of the more traditional Phoenix events is coming back for its 18th year. This is the time of year when the Square Dance community gears up for the annual Square Dance Festival that takes place here in the Valley of the Sun. Put on by the Grand Canyon Square … Read More

Are Hookahs Just As Bad as Cigarettes?

While they’ve been around for a few centuries, originating in India and Middle-Eastern countries, the use of hookahs has seen a resurgence recently in America. A hookah is a water pipe that is used to smoke tobacco that comes in several different flavors. Unlike typical cigarette smoking, hookah smoking is … Read More

What do I do if my Child Knocked Out Her Baby Tooth?

Childhood is a time of bumps and bruises, especially as children are still mastering that whole business of coordinating body movements. Sometimes, a fall that catches a table or edge or a ball to the face can knock out a baby tooth. You may be wondering what to do in … Read More

Best Teeth: 90’s Cartoon Characters

The days of Saturday morning cartoons are gone, and new generations will never know the joy of waking up early to a bowl of sugary cereal and plopping down in front of the TV for hours of entertainment. In homage to this forgotten ritual, we’re bringing you the best teeth from … Read More

Super Bowl Foods that are Good for your Teeth

The golden Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, February 7th to determine the champion of the 2015 NFL season. As always, millions will gather with friends in front of the biggest TV screen they can find and watch the big game. While you’re enjoying the game, you can still protect … Read More

What to do if Your Filling Comes Out

It can be a moment of panic. You crunch down on something, and the crunch was a little louder than expected. You assess the damage and realize that a filling has come out. It’s freaky and can even be a little bit painful now that the previously restored tooth is … Read More

Interesting Ways Countries Bring in the New Year

Here in the United States, we have our own traditions of toasting with a glass of champagne and planting a kiss on your special someone when the ball drops to ring in the new year. While there are similar traditions around the world, there are also some unique traditions that … Read More