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Dental Implants can Fix Many Long Term Health Issues

Missing teeth are not simply unsightly and unflattering they can also cause of number of long term health issues including bone loss. It is estimated that 140 million American adults are living with one or more missing teeth. Over time, absent teeth can cause the human face to lose definition, … Read More

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Different Solutions for Straightening Teeth

Do you or someone in your family have teeth that need straightening? Crooked teeth can be embarrassing, creating unnecessary stress and inhibiting your self-confidence in the same token. Fortunately, there’s many different ways to resolve this universal confidence buster. While these methods vary in their approach, the result is the … Read More

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New Study Suggests That Dental Visits Should Vary from Person to Person

We all know to visit the dentist twice a year for our cleanings, exams, and x-rays, but a new study suggests that dental visits should vary from person to person.   The research team, led by Dr. William Giannoble of the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry, followed dental patients in … Read More

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Sharing a Toothbrush can Raise Risk of Disease

Research has shown that couples sharing a toothbrush are at a higher risk of contracting gum disease and other germs. According to Deo Mawona, a senior dental surgeon at SAS Dental Clinic, sharing a toothbrush with someone else is really a poor idea, not simply from a hygienic standpoint, but … Read More

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Mesa Location Now Open!

We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new Mesa location. Our friends in the Mesa community can now take advantage of the same exemplary service provided through our other various locations. Book your appointment today!

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3 Most Common Dental Myths

It might surprise you to learn how many common dental myths are accepted as basic truth. There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, many of us overcompensating in an effort to avoid any unpleasantness in the dental chair. By dispelling a few of these … Read More

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You Brush Your Teeth, But What About Fido?

If you’ve ever tried getting children to brush, just think about how difficult it would be to brush your pet’s teeth. It might sound unusual, but brushing your dog’s teeth may help keep him or her healthy. Dogs and cats can develop the same kind of oral hygiene problems such … Read More

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What to Expect From Your Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants have proven to be a reliable solution for anyone seeking a healthy mouth of pearly whites. This common dental procedure corrects decayed or missing teeth that develop through corroding oral hygiene, blunt injury or related disease. Your smile could majorly benefit from dental implants, understanding this simple dental procedure … Read More

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