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Dental Implants can Fix Many Long Term Health Issues

Missing teeth are not simply unsightly and unflattering they can also cause of number of long term health issues including bone loss. It is estimated that 140 million American adults are living with one or more missing teeth.

Over time, absent teeth can cause the human face to lose definition, and have a distorted structure caused by a loss of bone and the face’s natural shape.

With advancements in dental implants over the past couple decades there has been one less reason to live with every day discomfort and potential detrimental health effects of missing teeth. Dental implants work to prevent further bone loss, give bone height and add definition to the face. With advancements in dental implants and proper care implants today can last forever.

Additionally, implants today as so effective that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a patients real teeth and the implants. Even if you have been wearing dentures for some period of time implants are a more comfortable alternative. The procedure is relatively painless and can be conducted under a local anesthetic.

dental implantsThere are many different procedures for replacing teeth with implants. Typically, teeth are “bridged” by two or more implants to support a space of several adjacent teeth with crowns fused together in one solid unit. Consult your physician to see whether a single or double bridge is the right choice for you.

Dental implants are a preferable alternative to dentures or a bridge because they are the most comfortable. Individuals with implants allow people to eat, speak and laugh normally.

Dental implant technology is constantly evolving with new procedures being developed every day. Dental implants are great for replacing teeth, saving bone structure, preventing infection and improving the quality of life for a patient.

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