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Wonderful Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for plenty of reasons, but chief among them is a perfect excuse to craft. Attention, all you Pinterest fanatics: we’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday creations and put them in one list to share with the world. Are you ready? Footprint … Read More

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5 Things More Tedious Than Flossing

Have you ever finished brushing your teeth and thought, “Oh, I’ll just floss tomorrow night”? Perhaps the logic was that you could skip a night … or two … which eventually becomes a habit. It’s not long before a simple case of neglect is reinforced into a bad habit.  Is … Read More

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Should My Gums Be Bleeding?

You’ve decided to make flossing more of a priority in your life but you know you have some obstacles to overcome. You realize old habits die hard and it will be a battle getting yourself to take this aspect of your oral health seriously. Encouraged by your last visit to … Read More

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How Technology is Changing Personal Hygiene

Our always connected world allows us to do a great many things – check our email from the backseat of a taxi cab, pass the time in the dental office with a quick game of solitaire – and it turns out taking care of our oral health is one. It’s … Read More

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4 Anti-Teeth Foods to Avoid

We have rather diverse palates and yet there are some foods we probably should stay away from or limit for the sake of our teeth. Just what exactly are these forbidden fruits? We’ve put a list together of the foods that cause serious damage to your teeth. Ice Cubes We’re … Read More

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An Overview of Sedation Dentistry

Is sedation dentistry right for you? It helps to understand its practical use within the dental world first. Whether you have a more invasive procedure scheduled or you’re experiencing infrequent dental anxiety, we offer solutions to make every trip to our office a comfortable one. Here’s how sedation dentistry helps … Read More

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A Closer Look at Geographic Tongue

The conditions in our mouth often breed a lot of mystery, perhaps none more than a rare condition known as ‘Geographic Tongue’. An otherwise harmless condition named for the ‘geographic’ patterns on one’s tongue surface, this is one skin condition that has entirely more bark than bite. The average tongue … Read More

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The Family Dentist AZ Depends on Delivers Awesome Fall Activities!

The family dentist AZ depends on is here with some great ideas to celebrate the fall season. Looking for some awesome family activities before the holiday season is in full swing? We’ve got you covered – check out some of the coolest events happening in the Phoenix area to end … Read More

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