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Chewing Ice and Your Teeth

Especially during a hot summer day here in Arizona, it’s common for people to chomp down on ice cubes to help them cool down. The problem is that chewing ice really does a number on your teeth. Good oral hygiene habits and proper dental care should make for a lifetime … Read More

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4 Anti-Teeth Foods to Avoid

We have rather diverse palates and yet there are some foods we probably should stay away from or limit for the sake of our teeth. Just what exactly are these forbidden fruits? We’ve put a list together of the foods that cause serious damage to your teeth. Ice Cubes We’re … Read More

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3 Unhealthy Dental Habits (And How to Fix Them)

We’ve all got some bad habits but not all of them affect our oral health. Pull up a seat – it’s time we had ourselves a much needed dental intervention. You routinely practice good dental care: from brushing your teeth, flossing (fairly) regularly and making sure you visit the dentist … Read More

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