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4 Anti-Teeth Foods to Avoid

We have rather diverse palates and yet there are some foods we probably should stay away from or limit for the sake of our teeth. Just what exactly are these forbidden fruits? We’ve put a list together of the foods that cause serious damage to your teeth.

Ice Cubes

We’re not entirely sure whether this classifies as food or not, but it doesn’t change the fact that people chew ice all the time. Why is it a problem? The temperature of the ice actually causes your teeth to become more brittle, the constant chew actually makes you run the risk of fracturing a tooth. Don’t chew your ice, people!

Citrus Fruits

Frequent exposure to acidic foods can gradually erode the protective enamel of our teeth, making them easy targets to tooth decay. A squeeze of lemon or lime is fine but it’s not always a great idea to snack on citrusy fruits. You can help dilute their acidic effects with plenty of water.

Sticky Foods

Dried fruit is considered a favorite snack item for many people, but many of these foods are a danger to your teeth. Sticky foods can damage your teeth as they often stick to your teeth a great deal more than other foods. While it’s okay to eat these foods, it certainly pays to have a toothbrush or floss hanging around after your snack out.

Starchy Foods

You won’t find this next one much all surprising – your average potato chip has some drawbacks when it comes to living healthy. The starch contained in such food can actually slip into the trouble spots of your teeth, promoting plaque build-up. Make sure to keep a toothpick or floss handy after eating, the starch tends to hide below the surface of the gums and between the narrow spaces of teeth.

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