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“The Wand STA” Might be the New Anesthetic Future for Dentistry

When you were young, you may remember going to the dentist for a procedure that required anesthetic. You may have also had the unfortunate experience of having that anesthetic administered to you via needles or shots. This alone could possibly account for the prevalence of phobias surrounding dental visits, and there’s no wonder why. Luckily, new technology is improving this extremely unpleasant part of a dental visit. Introducing the Wand STA!

What is the Wand STA?

the wandThe Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia system is a new product available for dentists to use in administering dental injections that is faster, more precise and far less painful than the syringe. Patients who have experienced the Wand often don’t realize they’ve been given an injection. In addition, the administration of anesthetic using the Wand is immediate and more precise, meaning your cheeks, lips and tongue are not affected and you can often eat and speak normally immediately after a procedure. In general, the Wand:

  • is significantly more comfortable than the syringe.
  • greatly reduces anxiety in patients and dentists (we don’t like using syringes, either).
  • greatly reduces or eliminates collateral numbness (just the target area is affected).

More Advantages to the New Anesthetic System

Because it looks like a ball point pen attached to a computer tower, researchers have found that the Wand induces less anxiety than any other injection method. Also, since it’s computerized, the Wand provides precise control of flow rate and pressure of the anesthetic, making the injection more comfortable, even in more difficult areas.

Good News for Those Afraid of Shots and Needles!

If you’ve had a bad experience with injections, a big part of the pain you’ve experienced was due to the anesthetic being given too quickly. The Wand is precise and controlled, making the process far more comfortable for both patients and dentists, thereby alleviating the fears that so many people have about dental visits. If you’re due for a checkup, or would like to learn more about how the Wand can help, give us a call today!

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