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New Teeth Grown from Gingival Cells

Researchers from Kings College in London have successfully bioengineered teeth from epithelial gum tissue and cells borrowed from mouse embryos. After the mixture of the cells was incubated in culture, it was transplanted to the kidney of a mouse where it developed into a small tooth composed of dentin, enamel, … Read More

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Jamestown Siblings Design Biodegradable Toothbrush

The son and daughter of two Jamestown dentists have invented a new tooth brush that is entirely biodegradable. The brother and sister team are the founders of Bogobrush, a new toothbrush that is biodegradable. Similarly to the Tom’s Shoes business model, the team plans to donate one toothbrush for every … Read More

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Bacteria Found in Mouth May Commonly Degrade Fruit Nutrients

New research shows that the nutrition in berries may be lost in part due to the way our body breaks down these complex compounds in the mouth. Some pigments in human saliva make the nutritional elements in berries more difficult to survive and become absorbed in the body. Those conducting … Read More

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Green Tea Linked with Stronger Teeth

Green tea has been associated with health for many years, especially in Eastern cultures; some of the claims range from helping lower the chances of stroke risk to snoring aid. According to a recent study, researchers in Japan found that one cup of green tea everyday could also lead to … Read More

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DNA Test Reveals Timeline of Our Ancestor’s Teeth

In a recent study by the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, researchers compared the evolving state of tooth decay from Mesolithic-era humans to the modern day man and woman. The findings originated from the dental plaque of 34 prehistoric human skeletons which were found in northern Europe and were then … Read More

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