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Green Tea Linked with Stronger Teeth

Green tea has been associated with health for many years, especially in Eastern cultures; some of the claims range from helping lower the chances of stroke risk to snoring aid. According to a recent study, researchers in Japan found that one cup of green tea everyday could also lead to stronger, healthier teeth. The study involved 25,000 participants between the ages of 40-64, the half which drank one cup each day were less likely to lose teeth.

The antimicrobial properties found in green tea called catechins are thought to be the culprits responsible for many of the drink’s benefits. The only catch is that the tea must not contain sugar added; any sweetener could counter-act any positive effects, and further corrodes your teeth.

The catechinshelp kill bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease, even lowering the risk of periodontal disease. Some other benefits of the drink include increased cavity and gum protection as well.

It’s more than just the flushing of liquids in your mouth that makes your breath smell fresh either, those catechins can help eliminate stinky microbes that come with food and coffee. Coffee has none of the benefits that green tea gives, and contains about a third less caffeine. Those who are sensitive to high amounts of caffeine might want to consider switching to green tea, as it has fewer effects on your body’s stress hormone, cortisol, making you more relaxed and less anxious.

Green tea is likely sold at your neighborhood grocer; beware of buying the premade sugary kinds sold at gas stations and restaurants. If you can invest the time in the morning, consider buying loose leaf green tea, and making it in a more traditional style with a ceramic teapot. The loose leaf teas are often more flavorful, while teabags are great if you’re in a time crunch.

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