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California Declines Changes in Children’s Dental Insurance

The Board of Covered California declined to make changes to children’s dental coverage that will be offered to the public starting Oct. 1. Alternatively, the state’s health insurance exchange will begin improving dental coverage in 2015 the second year the Affordable Care Act goes into effect. The decision was handed … Read More

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Dental Implants to Restore Missing Teeth

While some people see missing teeth as a natural part of the aging process, many more are turning to dental implants to restore what’s lost to time. The loss of permanent teeth can actually prove both emotionally and physically damaging, a stigma that feeds into their own self-consciousness. If you’ve … Read More

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Have You Signed Up for Our Newsletter?

There’s an easy way to get valuable information relating to you or your family’s health: by signing up for the free DC Dental newsletter!   Each month we’ll send an email to you with tips, tricks, news, and other events to keep you in the loop. Learn about how coconut oil … Read More

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A Glass of Milk After Eating Sugary Food Might Prevent Cavities

Following a meal of sugary breakfast cereal with a glass of milk reduces plaque acid levels and may prevent damage to tooth enamel that leads to cavities, according to new research released by the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. Cereals like Frosted Flakes, Captain Crunch and Fruit … Read More

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Are You Missing the Signs of Gingivitis?

How familiar are you with the signs of gingivitis? Many people are currently in the beginning stages of gum disease and aren’t even aware they’re at risk. Learning to identify gingivitis and how it forms can help develop healthier habits, preventing many complications to your health in the process. Gingivitis … Read More

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Couple Finds Tooth of Megalodon

Nothing says romance quite like searching for giant shark teeth! A Texas couple on vacation in Florida got quite the surprise when they realized they had found a near-perfect looking tooth which had belonged to a prehistoric shark.  This wasn’t just any old fish in the water though; the large … Read More

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18th Century Toothbrush Unearthed in NYC

New York City has become an archaeological site, with thousands of artifacts such as an 18th century bone toothbrush with animal hair bristles as well as wine and champagne bottles corked centuries ago. In addition to the toothbrush a pair of children’s shoes and a copper half-penny are some of … Read More

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The Most Common Dental Myths

How familiar are you with the most common dental myths circulating the internet and television? Although many of us have a good grasp on what it takes to maintain exceptional oral health, there are several misconceptions people still hold true concerning their teeth. One of the most popular questions is … Read More

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Alzheimer’s and Gum Disease Could be Linked According to New Study

While previous research examined the links between dementia and oral health, a new study is suggesting that Alzheimer’s might also be in accordance with unhealthy mouths. The same signs of Porphyromonas gingivalis, the bug responsible for gum problems were found in patients with dementia.  Some scientists believe that when the … Read More

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