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Dental Implants to Restore Missing Teeth

While some people see missing teeth as a natural part of the aging process, many more are turning to dental implants to restore what’s lost to time. The loss of permanent teeth can actually prove both emotionally and physically damaging, a stigma that feeds into their own self-consciousness. If you’ve experienced a similar feeling stemming from the loss of your teeth, there’s hope!

Dental implants have proven to be an effective solution for many. Inserting dental implants has grown from a smaller procedure to the leading treatment among the top dentists in the world. Americans undergo nearly three million dental implant procedures each year, increasing by as much as 500,000 each consecutive year.

The procedure of a dental implant is actually very straight forward. Dentists insert an artificial tooth root into the jawbone in order to secure a replacement tooth in its place. It carries a surgical procedure that’s relatively painless and can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes in many cases. The entire procedure can be accomplished within a week depending on your jawbone’s health and the force of your bite.

Are you thinking about talking to your dentist about a dental implant? The benefits associated with dental implants are considered to outweigh those of dentures and bridges. Dental implants are more secure and do not cause bone loss or gum recession. They also have a long lifespan – only 5% of dental implants need to be replaced after a decade.

Dentists believe implants are a great option because they exist among your current set of teeth. Not only do they function well with your smile but they’re also one of the more aesthetic solutions you can opt for in tooth replacement.

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