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What to Avoid and Look for When You Buy Your Next Tube of Toothpaste

Whether or not you’re a fan of holistic healing or are interested in science; I think we can all agree that some ingredients are better than others. Toothpaste is full of complicated sounding names, but how do you know what’s actually good and potentially hazardous? Let’s start with fluoride; this … Read More

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Vitamin D and Your Teeth

In the human body, our bones and teeth are made up of similar tissues and are subject to the same problems. One of these issues is a deficiency in Vitamin D, which causes rickets and osteoporosis in bones. There are two different sets of teeth you will have in a … Read More

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How does a healthy lifestyle affect healthy teeth?

Everyone knows that brushing and flossing every day are both important ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. What most people don’t realize is that having a healthy lifestyle also adds to keeping your mouth clean and in good shape. How does a healthy lifestyle affect healthy teeth? First … Read More

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What Causes Halitosis?

It’s the bane of any first date or encounter with a new acquaintance: halitosis (or as it’s known colloquially bad breath.)  But what causes this unflattering ailment? Are some people more predisposed to have funky breath or is it something you can keep under control? It’s no surprise that bad … Read More

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Emergency Dental Services From Your Phoenix Family Dentist

So you’re having lunch with a friend on a beautiful day in the park, sharing stories over a drink. Mid-sip, your friend reaches over and accidentally knocks her elbow into your glass. The angle knocks into your front tooth and lo and behold, you’re left with a shard of tooth … Read More

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Dental Implants Can Stop Bone Loss

While there are multiple options for people who are dealing with the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants provides superior and longer-lasting results. Instead of using removable dentures that have the possibility of falling out or making strange and sometimes embarrassing noises, most dentists recommend dental implants … Read More

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