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Common Mistakes People Make with Dentures

If you’ve recently been fitted with dentures, you may be thinking that you don’t have to take care of them as much as your natural teeth. The truth is, it’s important to maintain great oral care practices as you transition into having them. With great oral care, your dentures can … Read More

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Questions about Dentures

If your dentist has recommended dentures to replace missing teeth, you may have some reservations about them, or simply want to know more information about what having dentures is like. Here are some common questions (FAQ) people have about dentures. What will they feel like? When you first get dentures, … Read More

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Dental Implants Can Stop Bone Loss

While there are multiple options for people who are dealing with the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants provides superior and longer-lasting results. Instead of using removable dentures that have the possibility of falling out or making strange and sometimes embarrassing noises, most dentists recommend dental implants … Read More

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