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Dental Implants Can Stop Bone Loss

While there are multiple options for people who are dealing with the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants provides superior and longer-lasting results. Instead of using removable dentures that have the possibility of falling out or making strange and sometimes embarrassing noises, most dentists recommend dental implants that provide patients with stronger, durable implants can stop bone loss

One of the other benefits of having dental implants as opposed to temporary dentures is the fact that dental implants stop bone loss. In order to maintain form and density, bones need to be stimulated. When a tooth is lost or removed, there is a lack of stimulation needed to keep the bone functioning properly.

A dental implant (for replacement of only one teeth) is made up of three main parts: the titanium implant which fuses into the jawbone, the part of the implant which sticks out through the gum line (called the abutment), and a crown created by a prosthodontist or restorative dentist.

It is important to remember that while the dental implant is not a real tooth, it still requires basic maintenance like daily brushing and flossing to help keep bacteria out of the gums and implant. Implants are made to be extremely durable and nearly perfect but may have to be removed or replaced depending on a patient’s situation.

If you feel as though you might qualify for a dental implant or have a dental implant that you believe needs some basic maintenance or replacing, consult your dentist as soon as possible.

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