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Xylitol Gum: Risks and Rewards

You have probably heard about Xylitol gum, either from your dentist or from news sources like the New York Times, but what is it exactly? We hope to dispel any rumors about the product in this article. Here are the risks and reward of Xylitol and the products it is … Read More

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Ancient Carbs Ravaged Early Teeth

Leave it to delicious carbohydrates to usher in the ‘age of cavities’. According to a recent story conducted by NPR, recently discovered human fossils exhibited greater decay around the time grains and starches were added to their diet. Hunter-gatherers were prevalent in Morocco nearly 15,000 years ago. Apart from their … Read More

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3-D Technology Introduced at Texas Practice Will Reduce X-Ray Exposure

Midtown Dentistry in Houston Texas had recently purchased the Pax-i3D from Vatech, a leading provider of digital dental radiography products. The Pax is a new diagnostic x-ray machine that allows for efficient x-ray screening for patients and dental hygienists alike. The product uses multiple types of cameras and advanced visualization … Read More

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Bring Back Your Smile with a Full-Mouth Restoration

Full-mouth restoration, more commonly known as full-mouth reconstruction or full-mouth rehabilitation, is the process of improving the health and overall appearance of a patient’s teeth, gums, and smile, by restoring or rebuilding all teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The procedure of full-mouth restoration is usually recommended for those … Read More

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Keeping Your Mouth Healthy Through a Pregnancy

When you are going through a pregnancy you may need to change some of your daily oral habits to accommodate changes in your hormones and your body. Particularly, a surge in estrogen and progesterone can exaggerate the way gums react to plaque. If plaque build up goes untreated, a mother … Read More

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Veneers Vs Caps

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between veneers vs caps? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. One of the more frequently misunderstood dental solutions, veneers and caps are easily interchangeable for anyone their first treatment for either dental solution. Let’s clear the air, shall we? In order to simplify … Read More

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How to Avoid Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known by its medical term “bruxism,” is a common occurrence among both children and adults, and is most likely caused by stress or anxiety. In most cases, people grind their teeth in their sleep without knowing. An achy jaw or constant headache are usually signs that you … Read More

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Have You Checked Out Our Recent Charity Events?

We had a wonderful holiday season, so we were excited to do another round of community outreach for patients and families who are going through tough times. Please take a minute and check out our charity work from 2013, we’re looking forward to doing it all again in 2014!

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Fluoride Use and Alternatives

Fluoride can be used during your routine home care to reduce cavities and prevent tooth decay. However, some patients are concerned about the health effects of using fluoride. Make the decision for yourself with our outline of fluoride use and alternatives. The first thing you need to do is understand … Read More

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Smile More!

Have you already decided on a New Year’s resolution? Discover a different side of yourself with a healthier smile through the care of our professional team of teeth experts! This is the type of gift that keeps on giving, every year down the line. There’s little understating the importance of … Read More

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