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3-D Technology Introduced at Texas Practice Will Reduce X-Ray Exposure

Midtown Dentistry in Houston Texas had recently purchased the Pax-i3D from Vatech, a leading provider of digital dental radiography products.

The Pax is a new diagnostic x-ray machine that allows for efficient x-ray screening for patients and dental hygienists alike. The product uses multiple types of cameras and advanced visualization software to give patients the best diagnosis for treatments ranging from standard checkups to invasive surgeries.

The PaX-i3D also offers radiation doses that are much lower than that of 2D imaging units, at the same time providing consistently high-quality 3D images.  The different cameras in the unit each have their own sensors with the ability to take both 2D x-rays as well as the more advanced 3D x-rays.


The cameras are capable of lateral imaging that covers the entirety of the jaw as well as more specified x-rays focused on certain areas of the jaw.  Magic pan technology increases not only the image quality of the x-ray but also decreases the level of blur and distortion in the x-ray that may be caused by patient movement.

Additionally, multiple image types can be taken from the same scan depending on whether the x-ray is for a general region or for a specific minute region. The most advanced settings can capture details down to the patient’s root canals while the largest scope can capture the mouth in its entirety from top to bottom. However, with PAX’s full range of motion, multiple x-rays can be taken at once without the patient having to shift position which reduces exposure to harmful radiation.

The advanced visualization software included with the machine gives dentists the opportunity to examine a patient’s x-ray more thoroughly than with a traditional 2 dimensional x-ray. This includes the ability to zoom in and rotate the image of the mouth.

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