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Weirdest Toothpaste Flavors

When it comes to brushing your teeth, most people want a flavor or brand that will leave them with a clean, refreshing feeling. There are some brands out there, however, that are putting out some of the most bizarre and weirdest toothpaste flavors ever. Imagine brushing your teeth with bacon … Read More

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Dental Tips for Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year once again! It’s time to break out the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. One of the United States’ most celebrated holidays, Thanksgiving brings family together to fill up on our favorite comfort foods, but just because you are celebrating doesn’t mean you can … Read More

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See Our Great Dental Deals

We’re always offering great dental deals here at DC Dental! It’s part of our commitment to offer our dedicated customers an unparalleled level of service at an affordable price. Here are some of the latest and greatest offerings available through our offices. Do you have a tooth that needs to … Read More

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Tips to be Safe Thanksgiving Weekend

We want you to stay safe throughout all aspects of your Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving can be an exciting and stressful time for everybody. You might be traveling out of town or have family visiting you at home. Cooking a multifaceted meal can also be a stressful time. Nobody wants to … Read More

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History of the Tooth Fairy

Everyone above the age of six is well acquainted with the tooth fairy, but not many of us know how the legend came into existence. Here’s a little history on one of the most popular figures in folklore history. The legend of the tooth fairy originated in Europe. Earliest recordings … Read More

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Happy Veteran’s Day from DC Dental!

Did you know that DC Dental offers a special to all brave men and women who have served our country? Not just today, but everyday! We are proud to offer a 15% dental discount to Veterans, call or stop by a location  today to learn more!  

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Five Examples of Interesting Animal Teeth

In the animal kingdom there are hundreds of different species with some of the most interesting chompers around. From creatures that use their teeth to devour prey to species with filament thin-teeth; here are five of the most ferocious, innovative, and bizarre sets of animal teeth in the world. Babirusa … Read More

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Dental Cavities Tied to Lower Risk of Neck, Head Cancer

According to a recent study conducted by the University at Buffalo State University of New York, people with a higher number of dental cavities may have a reduced risk of having neck and head cancers. The study shows that people with the highest amounts of cavities in their teeth actually … Read More

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Dental Myths

There are plenty of things we don’t understand about our own teeth, so let’s take a moment to dismiss some of the most common dental myths. Personal hygiene doesn’t have to be so ambiguous! If you notice spots of blood when you brush or floss, you might think you should … Read More

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