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Mesa Arts and Crafts Festival

Looking for something fun and free to do in the East Valley? We’ve got you covered! The Mesa Arts and Crafts Festival (MACFest) is back in season and bringing unique art, music and activities back to downtown Mesa. Here’s when and where you can get in on the action. A … Read More

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Yee-Haw! The 18th Annual Square Dance Festival is Back!

One of the more traditional Phoenix events is coming back for its 18th year. This is the time of year when the Square Dance community gears up for the annual Square Dance Festival that takes place here in the Valley of the Sun. Put on by the Grand Canyon Square … Read More

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Super Bowl Foods that are Good for your Teeth

The golden Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, February 7th to determine the champion of the 2015 NFL season. As always, millions will gather with friends in front of the biggest TV screen they can find and watch the big game. While you’re enjoying the game, you can still protect … Read More

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Interesting Ways Countries Bring in the New Year

Here in the United States, we have our own traditions of toasting with a glass of champagne and planting a kiss on your special someone when the ball drops to ring in the new year. While there are similar traditions around the world, there are also some unique traditions that … Read More

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Best Celebrity Smile Makeovers

Some celebrities were born with seemingly perfect smiles, making them a little more drawn to the limelight. Other stars had to work to improve theirs a bit. Several household names once had gapped, stained, crooked or even missing teeth at some point, but have undergone some incredible dental transformations. Here’s … Read More

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Differences Between Human and Primate Teeth

Many debates exist on on how similar humans really are to primates. One area we are definitely similar to our animal cousins is in our teeth and jaws. We are strikingly similar when it comes to human and ape teeth and jaws. Both of us have 32 teeth that include … Read More

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How Mouthwash Works

While everyone knows the importance of brushing and flossing daily, many people wonder about the importance of using mouthwash as part of their daily oral care routine. While it does work well for freshening your breath instantly, your mouthwash is doing more for you. Here’s a look at how mouthwash … Read More

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View the Beautiful Night Lights at the Desert Botanical Garden

Every year, the Desert Botanical Garden puts on a light show called Las Noches de las Luminarias. This special holiday event will run from November 27th until December 31st from 5:30 until 9:30pm. This nighttime event features over 8,000 hand-lit luminaria bags and thousands of white twinkle lights. The lights … Read More

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Calling All Cat Lovers! The Cat Show is Coming!

They say there’s two kinds of people in the world: cat people and dog people. If you find yourself in the first category, this event is for you! Phoenix Feline Fanciers is putting on its annual cat show to celebrate our favorite, furry, sassy friends. This cat show is Arizona’s … Read More

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To Civic Space Park and Beyond!

Between 1st avenue and central avenue, one of downtown Phoenix’s most interesting structures stands tall. The statue that resembles a funnel cloud, tornado-like shape is one of Phoenix’s most recognizable structures to anyone who spends time downtown. The structure was built by artist Janet Echelman in the same time frame … Read More

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