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To Civic Space Park and Beyond!

Between 1st avenue and central avenue, one of downtown Phoenix’s most interesting structures stands tall. The statue that resembles a funnel cloud, tornado-like shape is one of Phoenix’s most recognizable structures to anyone who spends time downtown. The structure was built by artist Janet Echelman in the same time frame as the park’s opening in 2009.

Civic Space ParkBesides just being an interesting sight, the park practices some unique sustainability purposes as well. Among the greatest of achievements, the park hosts solar panels that can generate up to 75 kilowatts of power. The park was also designed with extreme attention to Arizona temperatures, so about 70% of the park is in shade. The benches and other hard surfaces were built using a special type of concrete that does not allow as much heat in as standard concrete.

In addition to the park and structure, the A.E. England Building Gallery allows for indoor meetings, small banquets, presentations, classes, and art shows. Reservations are required for this building and fees may apply. Check with their website for specific details on reserving the space.

Located specifically at 424 N Central Ave, Civic Space Park provides a fantastic place to meet up with friends, take a break alone from a busy day, or just enjoy 5 minutes outdoors while you wait for the close-by lightrail.

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