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Don’t Panic – You Need a Root Canal

Many people live in fear of dental work. The possibility of requiring extensive procedures such as a root canal is certainly an attributing factor to personal anxiety, prompting many people to postpone necessary to maintain a healthy smile. You don’t have to dread routine dental maintenance. Typical operating procedures have … Read More

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Gingivitis Found to Manipulate Immune System

A new report indicates gingivitis bacteria can influence the immune system, allowing them to thrive within the person’s gums. The immune system could otherwise dispose of the virus naturally. The report was published by the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. Scientifically speaking, T-cells are unable to protect the host from microbial … Read More

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Dental officials call for labels on soft drinks

Australian dental experts are calling for all soft drinks to bear warning labels stating the risk of tooth decay caused by sugary sodas. The call to action comes after the University of Adelaide released a study that revealed some Australian children consume upwards of three soft drinks a day. The … Read More

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Why Veneers?

Sometimes you might feel embarrassed because of a missing tooth or other cosmetic flaws on your teeth, but with the advancements in dental technology it is possible to give you the bright smile you’ve always wanted. So, why veneers? Veneers are extremely realistic looking porcelain teeth which bond to the … Read More

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Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

Cookies, candy, and juice–children love their sweets; what they don’t love is taking care of their teeth afterwards. Although each tooth will eventually fall out to make room for their adult teeth, it is still important to get them in the habit of good oral hygiene. Before your child’s first … Read More

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Folic Acid Important for Dental Health

Folic Acid, the synthetic version of the vitamin B9, is incredibly important when it comes to cell growth, cell repair, and disease prevention in oral care. Folic acid is water soluble vitamin and is not stored in the body for a long time and should be taken daily to maintain … Read More

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Healthy Foods for your Teeth and Gums

Common knowledge tells us that eating healthy makes our bodies feel and look better, even our teeth! Taking care of your oral hygiene is crucial to taking care of our bodies, and not just brushing and flossing! There are many healthy foods for your teeth and gums, as well as … Read More

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How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

There might not be a literal sweet tooth in the human anatomy, but sugar cravings can affect our overall health, especially teeth. The consumption of sugar over the past decades has risen exponentially, from everything from breads to sauces to soda—sugar is everywhere. Not to mention, sugar has highly addictive … Read More

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Dental Insurance for Children Could be Mandated in 2014

Starting January 1, 2014 residents of California and Washington who purchase medical insurance through the new federal health plan will be required to buy pediatric dental benefits regardless of whether they have children or not, according to official documents and interviews leading some to believe that dental insurance for children … Read More

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Researchers Discover Natural Solutions to Sensitive Teeth

Millions of people suffer from sensitive teeth, nearly 3 of 4 individuals on average suffering from specific afflictions. Researchers are now turning to more natural methods to combat sensitivity to stimuli such as cold, hot and overly sweet food and beverages. The latest material being utilized in treating sensitive teeth … Read More

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