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How Seeing a Root Canal Specialist Can Change Your Life

When a dentist or root canal specialist advises you to get a root canal, it is usually no laughing matter — root canals are serious business! Nowadays a root canal is one of the most common procedures, with over 14 million performed every year. There are many myths about root … Read More

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Myths About Root Canals

The dreaded root canal: something people fear when they walk into the dentist, it conjures up images of a nightmarish dentist drilling away at their tooth. If you were living a hundred years ago, those fears might still be pretty rational, but advancements in dental technology have come a long … Read More

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Don’t Panic – You Need a Root Canal

Many people live in fear of dental work. The possibility of requiring extensive procedures such as a root canal is certainly an attributing factor to personal anxiety, prompting many people to postpone necessary to maintain a healthy smile. You don’t have to dread routine dental maintenance. Typical operating procedures have … Read More

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