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Why do Dentists Take X-Rays?

Ever since you have been a little you’ve had x-rays performed when you visit the dentist. Chances are the first x-ray that you ever had performed, was while you were in the dental seat. Here are the reasons why your dentist may be taking x-rays. Identify Decay One of the … Read More

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How Seeing a Root Canal Specialist Can Change Your Life

When a dentist or root canal specialist advises you to get a root canal, it is usually no laughing matter — root canals are serious business! Nowadays a root canal is one of the most common procedures, with over 14 million performed every year. There are many myths about root … Read More

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Myths About Root Canals

The dreaded root canal: something people fear when they walk into the dentist, it conjures up images of a nightmarish dentist drilling away at their tooth. If you were living a hundred years ago, those fears might still be pretty rational, but advancements in dental technology have come a long … Read More

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Root Canal Procedure Breakdown

When you hear about a friend or family member having to go the dentist to undergo a root canal procedure it is usually met with reactions of pain. People hate the thought of it but not many know exactly what it is. While not everyone will have to get one during … Read More

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Don’t Panic – You Need a Root Canal

Many people live in fear of dental work. The possibility of requiring extensive procedures such as a root canal is certainly an attributing factor to personal anxiety, prompting many people to postpone necessary to maintain a healthy smile. You don’t have to dread routine dental maintenance. Typical operating procedures have … Read More

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