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What is Oil Pulling?

If you’ve perused the internet at all lately, you’ve most likely heard of oil pulling. It’s a trend that has really taken off recently that has actually been around for a long time, dating back to the Indian Ayurvedic medicine tradition that’s 3,000 years old. Many practitioners swear by this … Read More

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Ways to Cope with Tooth Sensitivity

If you’ve lived with tooth sensitivity for a while, you’ve felt the sudden shock that comes with drinking something really hot or ice cold, but can’t seem to give up your morning coffee. If you have sensitive teeth, here are some ways to help ease the shock. Tip #1: Be … Read More

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Toothaches Caused by Sinus Infections

Toothaches are down there with hangnails and doing your taxes when it comes to favorite things to experience. A toothache can also be a bit scary if you’re not sure what’s causing the pain. If you’re also in the midst of a sinus infection, the toothache can be part of … Read More

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Dental Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

Over the past few years, a new product has entered the market that is touting itself as a “safer alternative” to cigarettes. Electronic or e-cigarettes are smokeless cigarettes that give the user a nicotine fix but without the tobacco and chemicals contained in the smoke of a traditional cigarette, but … Read More

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Tongue Cleaning Tips and Benefits

While brushing and flossing is definitely emphasized every time you visit the dentist, there’s another important area that’s not touched upon as often. According to the ADA, about half of the adult population of the US have chronic halitosis, or chronic bad breath. Studies have shown that 80-90 percent of … Read More

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Breaking News Report: Smoking and Chewing Tobacco VERY BAD FOR YOUR TEETH!

This just in from science.. Using tobacco products can cause oral health problems. Just in case you were not aware, cigarettes and chewing tobacco can affect your teeth and gums in a serious way, and here’s more data on the subject. Tobacco products are known to lead to gum disease … Read More

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Opening Stuff with my Teeth: Yay or Nay?

It’s been a habit since we were kids. No scissors handy? Just rip the candy wrapper open with your teeth. As we get older, sometimes the habit sticks. No bottle opener? Just open your beer with your teeth. You’ll be considered the toughest guy in the bar.. And you’ll have … Read More

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Chewing Ice and Your Teeth

Especially during a hot summer day here in Arizona, it’s common for people to chomp down on ice cubes to help them cool down. The problem is that chewing ice really does a number on your teeth. Good oral hygiene habits and proper dental care should make for a lifetime … Read More

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Things to think about when you floss

Flossing your teeth correctly is extremely important to good oral hygiene. Flossing removes plaque on and between your teeth. If the plaque is not removed, the bacteria attacks the enamel in your teeth, causing cavities, halitosis (bad breath) and even tooth loss. Flossing effectively removes plaque and should be done … Read More

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Are electronic cigarettes bad for your teeth?

It’s no secret that cigarettes pose a risk to our oral health.  The smoke in a traditional cigarette contains ammonia, carbon monoxide and acetone among several others, which cause discoloration, plaque buildup and bad breath. E-cigarettes don’t produce smoke.  Instead, they produce vapor from the liquid inside them.  That liquid … Read More

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