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What to do if Your Filling Comes Out

It can be a moment of panic. You crunch down on something, and the crunch was a little louder than expected. You assess the damage and realize that a filling has come out. It’s freaky and can even be a little bit painful now that the previously restored tooth is … Read More

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Tips on Removing Plaque

We’ve all heard the importance of removing plaque from our teeth and how over time, the sticky film of bacteria on our teeth can harden into tartar, which is much more difficult to remove and damaging to our teeth and gums. Dental plaque also contains the bacteria that converts sugar … Read More

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Common Mistakes People Make with Dentures

If you’ve recently been fitted with dentures, you may be thinking that you don’t have to take care of them as much as your natural teeth. The truth is, it’s important to maintain great oral care practices as you transition into having them. With great oral care, your dentures can … Read More

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Ways to Cope with Tooth Sensitivity

If you’ve lived with tooth sensitivity for a while, you’ve felt the sudden shock that comes with drinking something really hot or ice cold, but can’t seem to give up your morning coffee. If you have sensitive teeth, here are some ways to help ease the shock. Tip #1: Be … Read More

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Is any ‘Fair Food’ Good (or even Fair!) for your Teeth

Fall is here (thank goodness!) and that means that it’s state fair season here in Arizona. That means daring carnival rides, great concerts at the coliseum and acres and acres of fair food. While indulging in the fair fare is part of the enjoyment of going, it’s important to keep … Read More

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Tongue Cleaning Tips and Benefits

While brushing and flossing is definitely emphasized every time you visit the dentist, there’s another important area that’s not touched upon as often. According to the ADA, about half of the adult population of the US have chronic halitosis, or chronic bad breath. Studies have shown that 80-90 percent of … Read More

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Post Operation Dental Rules

There are several reasons why you may be about to undergo oral surgery, such as dental implants, gum treatments or even routine removal of your wisdom teeth.  Regardless of the reason, here are some important  post op steps to take that can help the healing process proceed normally: Take things … Read More

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Is Eating Ice Bad for your Teeth?

Eating ice cubes seems harmless enough. Ice has zero calories and it can help us cool down after exercising or being out in the sun. Some people even claim to be addicted to eating ice and do it on a daily basis. While it may seem like a great way … Read More

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Healthy Foods for your Teeth and Gums

Common knowledge tells us that eating healthy makes our bodies feel and look better, even our teeth! Taking care of your oral hygiene is crucial to taking care of our bodies, and not just brushing and flossing! There are many healthy foods for your teeth and gums, as well as … Read More

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How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

There might not be a literal sweet tooth in the human anatomy, but sugar cravings can affect our overall health, especially teeth. The consumption of sugar over the past decades has risen exponentially, from everything from breads to sauces to soda—sugar is everywhere. Not to mention, sugar has highly addictive … Read More

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