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How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

There might not be a literal sweet tooth in the human anatomy, but sugar cravings can affect our overall health, especially teeth. The consumption of sugar over the past decades has risen exponentially, from everything from breads to sauces to soda—sugar is everywhere. Not to mention, sugar has highly addictive qualities, a so called “sugar rush” can leave you feeling great until you crash.

The moment sugar makes contact with your teeth, it starts deteriorating the protective enamel around your teeth. The acids formed by sugar and bacteria can result in tooth cavities and decay, even supposedly sugar-free products carry sugary compounds which erode teeth. Even some of the healthier sugars from fruits and vegetables can be damaging to your teeth, so it is best to pay more attention to your intake of sweets.

For some, it may be unreasonable to think about giving up sugar completely, but even just reducing your sugar intake can have a beneficial effect on your teeth. Try replacing soda with carbonated water and a splash of juice, or eat ice cream every other day instead of everyday. Be mindful of your cravings, if you feel the severe urge to eat a candy bar; don’t let it grow until you end up binging on junk food, a small indulgence every now and then might be better in the long run.

When you do eat sugar, make sure to brush your teeth as soon as possible afterward to prevent tooth decay, even if you rinse your mouth with water it can help wash away the acids and bacteria. Read the labels of your products and try to make healthy choices for yourself and your family, eating less sugar has benefits for the whole body! Curb your sweet tooth and start feeling healthier today!

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