I’ve been to DC Dental on Mcdowell and 39th Ave three times on emergency. Every time the staff has been very courteous, helpful, and caring. I have been to many other dentist and none have been as fast or genuinely concerned for my well being. They got me in the same day everytime and worked with me on payments. Thank You guys.

Jennie R.

I had an emergency, with two fractured teeth and a rather nasty abscess and needed care immediately. Not only was I able to make an appt. for the next day, even though I was calling for the appt. after 4:00pm, but I was helped on both teeth and out of the office before 5:00pm. This is the first time a dentist has ever really listened to the special dental needs I have. Dr. William Halliday was fantastic, courteous and FAST. The technology was up-to-date, the office was clean, and all the staff there was friendly and helpful. I am so happy and relieved to find a place locally to serve all my dental needs. Thank you, everybody, I really appreciate it!

Karen Hertz

Great experience and great staff. I had a wonderful experience at DC Dental. The location is perfect for me and easy to get to. The office was clean and well maintained, and the staff could not be nicer! I love walking in to a new doctors office and feeling right at home. The exam was very thorough – my teeth never felt more clean. I am telling everybody to go to this office!


I had a fantastic experience at DC Dental. Needed my teeth cleaned on my lunch break and they were able to see me that day. Very easy and pleasant experience, by dentist standards…


We have four children that didn’t have to miss any time from school for dental work. Additionally, as working parents, we did not have to take time off of work due to the flexibility of the DC Staff and Dentist. I highly recommend DC Dental in Queen Creek to employed mothers and fathers trying to save their paid-time-off and keep their kids in school!

Dr. Plunkett

Great dental experience. When my normal dentist was not able to get me in, DC Dental was able to get me in the same day. Dr. Jafari made the experience pleasant. I hate going to the dentist. DC Dental is my new dentist.

Ben Hawkins

I would recommend Dr. Chang for several reasons: First and foremost, Dr. Chang does excellent work. He is meticulous and gentle, two qualities that I think are very important in a dentist. If you have ever ended up with a crown that doesn’t quite fit right (which happened with a previous dentist) then you will know what I mean. Second, they will take the time to explain your treatment options and help you work out a plan if you need more extensive work. Third, the staff was refreshingly straight forward about sharing their opinions about dentistry. They do not try to sell you on things you don’t really need. Also, his office has very nice people working there, especially the assistants and the receptionist. Dr. Chang was originally recommended to me by a friend. I would not hesitate to recommend him to YELPers looking for a thoughtful, caring, extremely capable dentist.


Me and my family have been going DC Dental for three years. They have always given us great service. Just left from my 6 month cleaning. No cavities, Yay. I will be bringing my son and daughter next week. Cozy office. Great feel. Friendly Staff. Dr. Shrestha is fantastic. Thank You.


I recently went to DC Dental and the experience was Awesome. I went in with a toothache and walked out with such relief. I didn’t have to wait to be seen, plus the dentist focused on my main concern. The dentist explained my dental treatment with me and made me feel comfortable about the decision I was making. I would strongly recommend to all my family members and friends. Not only did I have a pleasant experience but it was also affordable. Thanks DC Dental.


After going to DC Dental Group, I realized what good service at a dentist’s office is supposed to feel like! After scheduling my appointment and arriving at the office, I was treated to a less-than-I-expected wait time. The office personnel were friendly and my Dentist was professional and courteous. This was only a simple cleaning, but I am sure that if/when I have more serious teeth issues, I will be using DC Dental for those. I have recommended DC Dental to my friends and family.


The best family dentist!! I took my son to two other dentists to have an infected tooth looked at, both quoted a very large price to me. A large enough price that my poor son had to go without getting it pulled. I was told about DC Dental and called to see how they were. I was on the phone with them and told them I don’t have very much money but my son has to have his tooth out. They set me up with a free consultation to look at the tooth to see what they could do for him and how much it would cost. You would not believe it!!! They only charged me 125 dollars for the whole thing including an x-ray to see the infection! Thank God for this group. My son finally has the infection out of his mouth and we still have enough money to buy food for the week!!! I am so glad that I found a dentist that is friendly and I can afford to go to for cash. Please if you need a dentist call DC Dental!!!


My last dentist practiced in Bentwood, CA and had several well-known movies stars as patients. However, the work I have received from Dr. Dodd at DC Dental has FAR surpassed the work I received in Bentwood! Where, by the way, I paid at least twice the amount. Dr. Dodd and his team have changed my smile and my life! Thanks DC Dental!

Trish Scanlan