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Don’t Panic – You Need a Root Canal

Many people live in fear of dental work. The possibility of requiring extensive procedures such as a root canal is certainly an attributing factor to personal anxiety, prompting many people to postpone necessary to maintain a healthy smile.

You don’t have to dread routine dental maintenance. Typical operating procedures have progressed tremendously in terms of alleviating the significant discomfort people commonly associate with a visit to the dentist chair. Understanding what a root canal entails can additionally relieve your apprehension.

When teeth become infected with cavities it creates tiny cracks in the surface, exposing the nerve to infection. Infection present in the nerve can inflict serious damage to the tooth and destroy the underlying nerve altogether. A root canal occurs when intervention is necessary, a last ditch effort to remove infection from nerves and blood vessels that jeopardize the life of the tooth.

If you have experienced prolonged pain or swelling associated with a specific tooth, you may be a candidate for root canal. Don’t panic yet – your dentist will ultimately need to diagnose the course of treatment.

An x-ray will be taken of the damaged tooth. If it’s determined you’ll require a root canal, the surrounding gums are numbed with a powerful anesthetic. A rubber dam is used to prevent bacteria from entering the exposed areas of your tooth as the procedure really begins.

The dentist will carefully carve a hole in the damaged tooth, exposing the infected nerve. Special equipment is used to clean out damaged pulp. The tooth is finally sterilized after the infection has been removed. Either a permanent or temporary filling is used to cover the incision, completing the procedure.

You should experience little to no pain following your root canal procedure. You can also rest a little easier knowing your tooth won’t need to be extracted.

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