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Tony Gwynn and Oral Cancer: Baseball’s Dirty Habit

You don’t have to be a doctor to know that smoking is bad for you, and that chewing tobacco can be even worse.  The toxic substance is still making headlines though, in the most unfortunate of ways, as the story of Tony Gwynn goes. While new measure in 2011 prevented players … Read More

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Pain After Root Canal

Pain after root canal … is it something you should be worried about? If you’re anxious about your upcoming procedure, you should know that dental technology has made tremendous leaps & bounds that minimize patient discomfort. It’s also important for you to be aware that the experience can differ greatly … Read More

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Choosing the Right Toothbrush

You may think that all toothbrushes are cut from the same cloth but there are actually several different factors that come into play when producing and purchasing a toothbrush. Your toothbrush is an effective tool that keeps your teeth pearly white but also combats bacteria that create tooth decay and gum … Read More

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How to Be a Dentist

Have you ever thought of becoming a dentist? Choosing dentistry as a life-long career is a big decision to make, and comes with a lot of hard work and practice. Becoming a dentist means you’ll be working in a constantly evolving career that involves everything from diagnosing diseases, surgery, education, … Read More

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Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Nobody wants a cavity. The result of untreated tooth decay, cavities that develop in the mouth can result in the loss of our natural teeth, costly dental services and serious oral health complications. Knowing that even people who take regular care of their teeth are susceptible to cavities, how do … Read More

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Tooth Decay Pictures

Tooth decay is the product of sugars and starches being left on teeth, causing bacteria to grow and deteriorate  your teeth. Foods like fruits, candy, milk, breads, and cereals all contain carbohydrates that feed the bacteria living in your mouth, which combine to form plaque that clings to your teeth. This plaque slowly … Read More

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Dropping the Drill for Laser Light?

Is it possible that dentists in the future will cure tooth decay by using lasers? It’s not a work of science fiction – recent advancements in dental technology suggest that dental drills could be a thing of the past. Even more invasive root canals could be a walk in the park with … Read More

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