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Preventing Halloween Cavities

Do you know the only thing scarier than all the ghouls & ghosts so prevalent on Halloween? Imagining what that 10-pound bag of candy will actually do to your child’s teeth. It’s time to prepare a game plan before any nasty dental problems rear their ugly heads – leave that … Read More

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Can Parents Prevent Cavities?

No, parents can’t always provide a gourmet dinner every night of the week, they can’t always predict the weather, and they certainly can’t be everywhere at once. One amazing thing parents can do however is take an active role in preventing cavities among their children. The influence of a parent … Read More

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Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Nobody wants a cavity. The result of untreated tooth decay, cavities that develop in the mouth can result in the loss of our natural teeth, costly dental services and serious oral health complications. Knowing that even people who take regular care of their teeth are susceptible to cavities, how do … Read More

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