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Preventing Halloween Cavities

Do you know the only thing scarier than all the ghouls & ghosts so prevalent on Halloween? Imagining what that 10-pound bag of candy will actually do to your child’s teeth. It’s time to prepare a game plan before any nasty dental problems rear their ugly heads – leave that business to the wolfman.

avoid halloween cavities

We realize your kids are excited about the possibility of eating sugary sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and, okay, maybe brunch and dinner 2.0 – and for the most part, that’s okay. Just remember: everything in moderation, folks!

Here is some news your kids will surely relish: binging on candy in one sitting is actually less detrimental to one’s teeth than snacking periodically through the day. What’s the logic here? Periodic snacking all but guarantees your teeth are exposed to sugar throughout the day – eating candy in one sitting can prevent this.

All right, sorry to rain on your child’s parade, but binge eating is still incredibly unhealthy in capacity. You’ll still want to play an active role in moderating the candy that your child is consuming each sitting – that fifth Kit Kat seems like such a great idea until little Bobby or little Sarah find themselves sick to their stomach!

Younger children are especially important to monitor around sweets. You may consider hoarding their stash – no, not to sneak pieces – but to give yourself full control over how much they’re eating. Older kids can certainly be trusted to do the right thing here, just make sure to talk it out!

Finally, it’s important you make a brushing pact with your child. Permit the occasional snack session if they verbally commit to brushing immediately afterwards. Don’t allow that sugar to wear down that protective enamel and your teeth will be ready for another year of trick or treats.

Happy Halloween from DC Dental!

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