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Preparing for summer

It seems like New Year’s and the Super Bowl just happened, but summer is quickly approaching, and we can already feel the heat coming. Especially in Arizona, our health depends on being ready for the demands of summer. Here are some key areas to cover: Self Protect yourself against the … Read More

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Natural remedies for bad breath

So there are few things as socially embarrassing as halitosis (bad breath), especially on a first date or a business meeting. You may not even know you have it. There’s one way to check, and no, breathing into your hand isn’t an effective way to tell if you do. If … Read More

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What is involved with mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction, full mouth rehabilitation and full mouth restoration are terms often used interchangeably to describe the process of rebuilding or restoring the teeth in both your upper and lower jaws. It includes replacing missing teeth, repairing damaged teeth, correcting improperly seated jaw joints and faulty bites, addressing jawbone … Read More

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Little ways to eat a lot less sugar and salt

It’s no secret that too much salt and sugar in your diet can do damage to your health. Reducing your salt and sugar intake can be difficult at first, but it is possible to cut back without feeling like you’re missing out. Here are some simple ways to keep salt … Read More

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Whitening: at home vs. the dentist’s chair

Has your morning coffee taken its toll on your smile and you want to bring the sparkle back? These days, you have several options, some of which only require a trip to the drugstore. Here’s some facts on at-home products and how they compare to visiting your dentist. At-Home Products … Read More

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March Madness: Protecting your pearly whites from disaster

A March Madness get together will have plenty of snacks, but you can enjoy the party while protecting your teeth. We’ve put together a few tasty game day snacking ideas so that while you’re out watching the games, you can keep your teeth healthy and strong. Of course, regardless of … Read More

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Things to think about when you floss

Flossing your teeth correctly is extremely important to good oral hygiene. Flossing removes plaque on and between your teeth. If the plaque is not removed, the bacteria attacks the enamel in your teeth, causing cavities, halitosis (bad breath) and even tooth loss. Flossing effectively removes plaque and should be done … Read More

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Preparing for Spring Training

Spring Training baseball under the warm Arizona sun has been a tradition for devoted fans since 1947, when just two teams, the Cleveland Indians and the New York Giants, came here to prepare for the regular season. Today, 15 teams train in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Cactus League has … Read More

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Weird ways to keep your teeth healthy and clean

We’ve all been urged since we were young to build and maintain strong oral hygiene habits. Of course, brushing and flossing regularly is crucial to keeping your mouth healthy, but there are some extra things that most people haven’t heard of that you can do throughout the day that also … Read More

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Spring Break vacations without leaving Phoenix

The weather’s already warming up (did it ever really cool down?) and it’s time to take advantage of the outdoors before summer sets in. Especially if you have a child at home for a week or two, here are some ideas to keep both you and the kids entertained! Cactus … Read More

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