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What Goes into a Smile Makeover

Popular among many reality shows, the smile makeover is a means of improving the appearance of your smile through one or several cosmetic dentistry procedures. Common procedures that are included as part of an overall strategy include dental veneers, composite bonding, dental implants and teeth whitening. Essentially, a smile makeover … Read More

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Whitening: at home vs. the dentist’s chair

Has your morning coffee taken its toll on your smile and you want to bring the sparkle back? These days, you have several options, some of which only require a trip to the drugstore. Here’s some facts on at-home products and how they compare to visiting your dentist. At-Home Products … Read More

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Flex Your Willpower: Pastry vs. Teeth Whitening

You’re walking through the mall after a long day of shopping when you suddenly smell that sweet, sweet smell you immediately recognize. It’s cinnamon rolls. As you walk closer and closer towards the smell, your mouth begins to water and your knees get weak. Be honest: what could possibly be … Read More

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The Family Dentist Phoenix Turns to for Teeth Whitening

We’re the Family Dentist Phoenix depends on for teeth whitening for good reason: if you’ve been imagining what you’d look like with a more luminous smile, consult us about this popular procedure! Your lifestyle accompanied with the natural aging process can stain or darken your natural teeth – it’s not a … Read More

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