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Flex Your Willpower: Pastry vs. Teeth Whitening

You’re walking through the mall after a long day of shopping when you suddenly smell that sweet, sweet smell you immediately recognize. It’s cinnamon rolls.dc dental phoenix whitening

As you walk closer and closer towards the smell, your mouth begins to water and your knees get weak. Be honest: what could possibly be more tempting than buying a pastry (or twelve?)

First of all, taking care of your teeth might not be as appetizing or provide you with as much of an instant sugar high, but in the long run, things like brushing, flossing, and keeping up with dental visits is much more appealing to most. More importantly, having white, shining teeth can definitely be more tempting than eating a cinnamon roll.

Whether you visit your dentist to have your teeth whitened or try your own homemade teeth whitening solution, having a set of freshly whitened teeth will make you feel like a whole new person. Here are three reasons why we think teeth whitening is more tempting than eating at Cinnabon:

1. Teeth whitening will make you feel better about yourself — While eating at Cinnabon might give you a temporary sugar buzz, it will also make you put on a few lbs. Swap that tasty snack for a fresh new white smile and start looking and even feeling younger!

2. It takes 9 miles to burn off a Cinnabon — According to SparkPeople, a Cinnabon has about 730 calories and 24 grams of fat which would take 9 miles (3 hours of walking) to burn off! Wouldn’t you rather skip eating at pastry altogether and go for teeth whitening instead?

3. Teeth whitening is better for your teeth — It might be an obvious statement, but it’s still true! Eating sweet snacks like cinnamon rolls will wear down your teeth and give you cavities. Why not do something positive for your teeth instead?

If you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened or have any questions about teeth whitening, contact us today!


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