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Tips to Banish Bad Breath

When someone has bad breath, it’s the elephant in the room: do you offer them a piece of gum? Do you back up to give them more space? The fact of the matter is that nobody is a fan of stinky breath, The most obvious choice would be to brush … Read More

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Gum Disease not linked to cardiovascular disease

For many years physicians have suggested that gum health is directly linked to heart health, however an American Heart Association study released in 2012 implies that this may not be the case. In a statement published in the journal Circulation, a committee from the American Heart Association said that there … Read More

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Advancements in Laser Dentistry Technologies

Many people feel apprehensive when the time comes to make a routine visit to their dentist. There is perhaps no greater contributing factor to such negative feelings than the physical discomfort commonly associated with dental work. Dental technologies have advanced a long way, sparing patients a great deal of apprehension … Read More

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$9,000 Can Buy You a Toothbrush Used on the Moon

Heritage Auctions currently has one of their more interesting products up for sale right now: a toothbrush used on the moon by Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 Lunar mission. That’s right, for the right price, you could own a used toothbrush which cleaned an astronaut’s teeth on the moon … Read More

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Ötzi the Iceman and his Unfortunate Dental Problems

The oldest wet mummy in the world, Ötzi, was found in a melting glacier just over 20 years ago in the Italian Alps. The 5,300 year old prehistoric iceman had a problem that many people seem to have even thousands of years later: bad teeth and stinky breath. During Ötzi’s … Read More

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5 Ways to Prevent Gingivitis

Tooth Brushing This should come as no surprise but regular effective teeth brushing, twice daily, is the most effective way to prevent against the development of gingivitis. However, the symptoms of gingivitis, such as tender bleeding gums cause people to slack off on their brushing habits. This only helps to … Read More

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Wisdom Teeth Remorse!

Abbie Kritz had a bad day. After a long morning getting her wisdom teeth removed, in a drugged-out haze, she suddenly regretted the decision. In the video which is now circulating on YouTube, Abbie is seen sobbing, profusely apologizing to her wisdom teeth as her camera ready driver documented the … Read More

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Coo Coo for Coconuts: How Oil Can Help Fix Your Teeth

Coconut oil has long been revered for its nutritional, industrial and medicinal value for generations. Now current research indicates the application of coconut oil could prove highly beneficial in regards to combating tooth decay. A study conducted through the Athlone Institute of Technology found that coconut oil, once digested, attacked … Read More

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Manual or Electric Toothbrushes: Which is Better?

From pink to neon green–toothbrush choice is a very personal decision; when you stroll down the aisle at your local supermarket, you’re bound to be bombarded with all sorts of different kinds and colors. Nowadays brushes even vary from manual to electric; there’s something for everyone at any price point—but which one actually … Read More

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Dental Myths Exposed

There is a lot of misinformation floating around the medical and dental communities. Whether it’s a friend reassuring you that bubblegum doesn’t digest for 8 years if you swallow it or a rumor you heard on the internet concerning the regenerative properties of ginseng root; it is hard to know if your … Read More

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