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Hilarious Family Photos

There are few things that make people smile more than some classic awkward family photos. We’re fervent believers in laughter, one of the most powerful medicines available to us. We think every smile is beautiful and learning to laugh at yourself is great for your health! So let’s dip into … Read More

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Our Favorite Dentist Jokes

Although keeping your teeth healthy and clean is serious business, it’s good to joke around from time to time. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite jokes about about being a dentist to help cheer you up! Here are our favorite dentist jokes Q: “What was the … Read More

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Wisdom Teeth Remorse!

Abbie Kritz had a bad day. After a long morning getting her wisdom teeth removed, in a drugged-out haze, she suddenly regretted the decision. In the video which is now circulating on YouTube, Abbie is seen sobbing, profusely apologizing to her wisdom teeth as her camera ready driver documented the … Read More

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