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Wisdom Teeth FAQs

What are wisdom teeth? In each quadrant of your mouth, you have three molars that come in throughout your adolescence and early adulthood. Wisdom teeth are the third molars to come in, typically around the age of 17 to 21 years. Why do I need to have my wisdom teeth … Read More

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What to Eat After A Wisdom Tooth Removal

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a rite-of-passage that most people go through in their late teens. While not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed it is important to have some food prepared for the week following the procedure when you can’t eat solid foods.  Wisdom Tooth Recipes … Read More

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When Should Teens Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

A common misconception is that there is a particular age when a person should have their wisdom teeth removed. The truth is that there is no “perfect age” to undergo a wisdom teeth extraction; some people don’t even need to have their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth do not need … Read More

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Myths about Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth are Useless One of the common myths about wisdom teeth is that they serve no purpose in the mouth. Some people claim that wisdom teeth are a vestigial structure, like the appendix, and that there is no need for these teeth. However, research has shown that some humans … Read More

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Wisdom Teeth Remorse!

Abbie Kritz had a bad day. After a long morning getting her wisdom teeth removed, in a drugged-out haze, she suddenly regretted the decision. In the video which is now circulating on YouTube, Abbie is seen sobbing, profusely apologizing to her wisdom teeth as her camera ready driver documented the … Read More

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Routine Dental Procedure Turns Deadly

It’s hard to imagine a routine dental procedure as being remotely life-threatening. Nevertheless, a trip to the dentist’s office stirs certain anxiety in many people. As adults we realize the slight discomfort we experience affords us much better ability in preserving oral health. But now serious concerns have been raised … Read More

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