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Should My Gums Be Bleeding?

You’ve decided to make flossing more of a priority in your life but you know you have some obstacles to overcome. You realize old habits die hard and it will be a battle getting yourself to take this aspect of your oral health seriously. Encouraged by your last visit to … Read More

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Crest Microbeads: What You Need Know

Crest will be removing microbeads from its products after dental hygienist have found that products containing the abrasive beads can actually be harmful to teeth and gums.  Crest has stated on its blog that it will begin phasing out the microbeads from its products while maintaining the product is “completely … Read More

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The Dangers of Gum Disease During Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered how pregnancy affects your oral health? For all the things to consider when you’re expecting – avoiding alcohol, maintaining a healthy diet, weathering morning sickness – oral health is hardly chief among them. The conditions in your mouth during pregnancy are more important than you may … Read More

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Secrets About Gum Disease

If you are regular at one of the DC Dental offices, than you know that we are serious about the treatment of gum disease. Gum disease can lead to even greater oral health issues including tooth decay, periodontal disease and even tooth loss. We’ve all heard about it but… How … Read More

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Are You Missing the Signs of Gingivitis?

How familiar are you with the signs of gingivitis? Many people are currently in the beginning stages of gum disease and aren’t even aware they’re at risk. Learning to identify gingivitis and how it forms can help develop healthier habits, preventing many complications to your health in the process. Gingivitis … Read More

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3 Most Common Dental Myths

It might surprise you to learn how many common dental myths are accepted as basic truth. There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, many of us overcompensating in an effort to avoid any unpleasantness in the dental chair. By dispelling a few of these … Read More

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Gum Disease not linked to cardiovascular disease

For many years physicians have suggested that gum health is directly linked to heart health, however an American Heart Association study released in 2012 implies that this may not be the case. In a statement published in the journal Circulation, a committee from the American Heart Association said that there … Read More

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