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The Dangers of Gum Disease During Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered how pregnancy affects your oral health? For all the things to consider when you’re expecting – avoiding alcohol, maintaining a healthy diet, weathering morning sickness – oral health is hardly chief among them.

The conditions in your mouth during pregnancy are more important than you may realize. Data from a study published through the Journal of Periodontology in 2008 indicates that women diagnosed with periodontitis during their pregnancies were significantly more likely a develop preeclampsia – a potentially life-threatening complication that occurs during the course of delivery.

Gingivitis is fairly easy to diagnose. Characterized by red, puffy and tender gums, individuals will often spot blood over the course of extensive brushing or flossing. This reaction is a response to plaque caused by an increased level of progesterone in the system.

As you’ve probably be warned, pregnancy raises your body’s hormone levels considerably. This elevated state can bring about gingivitis, particularly throughout the span of the second and eight months of the pregnancy.

For these reasons, practicing a regular oral health routine during pregnancy is of utmost importance. It all begins with a visit to your dentist – they can help determine your risk factors and outline a course of treatment. These visits should take place at least every six months unless advised otherwise by the dentist.

Cravings are a very real thing when it comes to pregnancy. While it’s fine to indulge for some temporary relief, these constant cravings can actually wreak havoc on your teeth. Make sure to keep a spool of floss or individual flossers on-hand throughout the day – food debris in hard to reach areas are perhaps the greatest contributors to periodontitis.

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