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Diabetes & Gingivitis

It’s common knowledge that having diabetes also means your body has a harder time fighting bacteria, but did you know that suffering from diabetes is also linked to suffering from gingivitis? Because diabetes lowers the gums’ resistance to infection and alters the structure of blood vessels, your gums become far … Read More

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Gingivitis might be linked to Alzheimer’s

Avoiding gingivitis might have a larger incentive than avoiding periodontitis and tooth decay. A new study released by the College of Dentistry at University of Central Lancashire and The Blizard Institute in the United Kingdom has indicated that dental bacteria may lead to brain degeneration and Alzheimer’s. The two research … Read More

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Everyday Dental Techniques

Brushing your teeth: it seems like a no –brainer, right?  Like many daily routines, you may find yourself standing in front of the mirror each morning and night brushing your teeth with little to no regard for your method of brushing. Forcefully scrubbing your teeth won’t make them any cleaner, … Read More

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Tips to Banish Bad Breath

When someone has bad breath, it’s the elephant in the room: do you offer them a piece of gum? Do you back up to give them more space? The fact of the matter is that nobody is a fan of stinky breath, The most obvious choice would be to brush … Read More

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Gum Disease not linked to cardiovascular disease

For many years physicians have suggested that gum health is directly linked to heart health, however an American Heart Association study released in 2012 implies that this may not be the case. In a statement published in the journal Circulation, a committee from the American Heart Association said that there … Read More

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5 Ways to Prevent Gingivitis

Tooth Brushing This should come as no surprise but regular effective teeth brushing, twice daily, is the most effective way to prevent against the development of gingivitis. However, the symptoms of gingivitis, such as tender bleeding gums cause people to slack off on their brushing habits. This only helps to … Read More

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