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Should My Gums Be Bleeding?

You’ve decided to make flossing more of a priority in your life but you know you have some obstacles to overcome. You realize old habits die hard and it will be a battle getting yourself to take this aspect of your oral health seriously. Encouraged by your last visit to … Read More

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Why Root Canals Are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Root canals are seriously awesome. Okay, okay, right now you probably think we’re off our rockers – but hold on a second, we can explain! Forget everything you think you know about the root canal dental procedure; they’re too expensive, too painful, etc … Here’s why root canals are the … Read More

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Study Suggests No Perfect Substitute for Natural Teeth

While dental technology has greatly developed the science of dental implants, there’s no substitute for natural teeth. One literature review suggests dental patients should work to preserve their natural teeth as they provide the longest lifespan. The review was conducted through Harvard School of Dental Medicine in conjunction with many … Read More

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Health Scare in Oklahoma Stresses Improved Infection Control

A routine visit to the dentist for thousands of Oklahomans evolved into an unthinkable health scare. Health officials revealed an oral surgeon in the area operated his practice without adhering to proper sterilization methods, prompting former patients mandatory testing for hepatitis and HIV.  Public health hazards are the unfortunate consequence … Read More

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