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Why Root Canals Are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Root canals are seriously awesome. Okay, okay, right now you probably think we’re off our rockers – but hold on a second, we can explain! Forget everything you think you know about the root canal dental procedure; they’re too expensive, too painful, etc … Here’s why root canals are the best thing since sliced bread.

root canal pain

A root canal is a procedure describing the treatment of the tooth’s pulp after it becomes inflamed, infected or dies. All of your natural teeth have pulp, a soft material at the center composed of nerves, blood vessels and connecting tissues.  When this pulp becomes damaged or infected, it’s important for the dentist to take swift action to avoid serious oral health complications. A root canal is essentially the last line of defense to save the natural tooth.

Let’s pause here briefly, shall we? The form and function of your natural teeth can simply never be replaced. Sure, there are dental implants and other solutions – but nothing is designed to go the distance quite like your natural teeth. So when we say a root canal is better than sliced bread, it’s really because you wouldn’t be able to eat sliced bread – or much of anything, really – without this essential procedure!

There are many different reasons why your doctor will consider a root canal necessary. The first and perhaps most obvious reason is root canal pain – the pain associated with a tooth in need of a root canal is easily pinpointed. Temperatures both hot and cold cause a damaged tooth immense pain even minutes following exposure. Tooth pain might even bother you enough to wake you up in the middle of the night without any apparent trigger!

If your tooth has become abscessed it will require a root canal. Ab abscess is a situation where damaged pulp dies off and develops a pus pocket around the root of the tooth. This abscess, often taking the appearance of a pimple, is a breeding ground for bacteria. An abscess left untreated can eventually infect the underlying jaw bone. A root canal is the only method for permanent removal.

Root canals are far less painful than some might imagine. Although there is a certain stigma surrounding the procedure, modern dentistry has allowed doctors to completely limit the discomfort felt by their patients. The majority of those who required root canals agreed the worst pain as attributed to how their tooth felt prior to the procedure.

There you have it – root canals can ease your pain and make life better, it’s like the best thing since sliced bread!

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