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Root Canals, and How you Can Possibly Avoid Them!

Probably two of the most greatly feared words you can hear at the dentist are “root canal.” They’ve definitely earned a reputation for being a painful procedure, although most patients report afterwards that the procedure is no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. The unfair reputation this procedure has received … Read More

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How to Be a Dentist

Have you ever thought of becoming a dentist? Choosing dentistry as a life-long career is a big decision to make, and comes with a lot of hard work and practice. Becoming a dentist means you’ll be working in a constantly evolving career that involves everything from diagnosing diseases, surgery, education, … Read More

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Health Scare in Oklahoma Stresses Improved Infection Control

A routine visit to the dentist for thousands of Oklahomans evolved into an unthinkable health scare. Health officials revealed an oral surgeon in the area operated his practice without adhering to proper sterilization methods, prompting former patients mandatory testing for hepatitis and HIV.  Public health hazards are the unfortunate consequence … Read More

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