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Best Tooth Related Apps

The future is here! Now, we have technology to assist us with almost every facet of our lives. For example, are you looking for ways to monitor and improve your or your child’s brushing habits? There’s an app for that. In fact, there are several. Here are some of our … Read More

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A Brief History of Dental Hygiene

Did you know that as early as 350 BC, people were using toothpaste? Or that the chewstick, the predecessor to the toothbrush, was used by the ancient Assyrians and Egyptians? Modern dental hygiene has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Here’s a timeline of how it has changed. … Read More

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How Technology has Changed Dentistry

Over the past couple hundred years, several advances have taken place in the world of dentistry that has made dental procedures much safer and more effective for patients. These days, dentists are better equipped to examine your teeth and gums, detect dental issues and perform cosmetic or restorative procedures while … Read More

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3D Imaging in Dentistry, One of the Coolest New Developments in Oral Care

3D imaging is radically changing the way dentists approach your oral health. Also known as cone beam imaging, this relatively new technology in the dental world is changing the way we collect information. We’re re-imagining the way in which we diagnose and provide treatment options like never before. Imagine the … Read More

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How to Find a Good Dentist Near Me?

Whether you have moved to a new community, your children have grown out of pediatric dentistry or you are simply unhappy with the dental care provided by your current practitioner, finding a good dentist is an important decision. There are several ways to find a dentist who is the perfect … Read More

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Celebrities Who Received Cosmetic Dentistry

You may think that your favorite movie stars were born with the perfect “Hollywood smile” but many celebrities have undergone cosmetic dentistry to fix crooked teeth, crowding, and improve their smile. Check out our list of celebrities who received cosmetic dentistry below.  Miley Cyrus Star of the Hannah Montana series … Read More

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Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Choosing the right pediatric dentist is a big decision for your family. If you pick the right dentist their services can be used for an entire generation of your family. Here are some things to think about when choosing a pediatric dentist: Finding a Kid’s Dentist Ask for recommendations from … Read More

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The Future of Dentistry- Epigenetics

Sometime in the next 10 years your average visit to the dentist may include a detailed look at your genetics before procedures are recommended. In a new study released in the Australian Dental Journal, researchers from the University of Adelaide’s School of Dentistry stated that the future of dentistry will … Read More

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How to Use a Rotadent Toothbrush

What is the Rotadent? The Rotadent was designed to resemble the hand piece used by dental hygienists to clean and polish teeth. The original Rotadent was introduced to the market in 1985, and the most recent update, Rotadent Plus, was released in 2010. The product comes with multiple heads such … Read More

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Ötzi the Iceman and his Unfortunate Dental Problems

The oldest wet mummy in the world, Ötzi, was found in a melting glacier just over 20 years ago in the Italian Alps. The 5,300 year old prehistoric iceman had a problem that many people seem to have even thousands of years later: bad teeth and stinky breath. During Ötzi’s … Read More

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