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Healthy Frozen Treats (Thats Kids Will Never Know are Healthy!)

It’s summertime, and the heat is in full effect. This summer, both parents and kids are going to be looking for tasty frozen treats to help them cool off. Although there are plenty of options available in the grocery store that are loaded with sugar, you can make some treats … Read More

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How you know you’ve lived in Phoenix for a while

Phoenix has long been known as a city of immigrants, both from other US cities and from other parts of the world. But, there are many natives here, and over the past few years, it has developed its own history and folklore. If you’ve been here a while, you’ve become … Read More

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Our Favorite Teething Remedies

While some babies don’t seem to be affected by teething, others are fussier than usual when the first symptoms of teething appear.  This usually happens right around the six-month mark, but it’s perfectly normal for the first tooth to come in anywhere between 3-12 months.  By the time your little … Read More

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Custom Mouthguards for Little Athletes

Are you the parent nail-biting on the sidelines that your child doesn’t trip and break his teeth instead of cheering? If you’re concerned about your son or daughter knocking his or her teeth out, then you should consider athletic mouth guards. These devices are plastic dental forms that are worn … Read More

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Why Kids Make Us Smile

There really isn’t much that can put you in a good mood faster than seeing huge smiles painted on the faces of children. Although DC Dental offers dental services to the whole family, helping kids create healthy smiles that last a lifetime is a major part of what we do. … Read More

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Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Choosing the right pediatric dentist is a big decision for your family. If you pick the right dentist their services can be used for an entire generation of your family. Here are some things to think about when choosing a pediatric dentist: Finding a Kid’s Dentist Ask for recommendations from … Read More

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Five Video Games for Kids

With the hot summer sun on its way in Arizona there may be a couple of days that are too hot for the little ones to go outside. Many people say that video games can rot the brain but there are actually some very fun, educational games that the whole … Read More

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How Juice is Wreaking Havoc on Your Children’s Teeth

Parents often try to find the balance between obliging their children’s sweet tooth, while also fulfilling their nutritional needs; a result that often ends with juice. Apple, orange, grape—all these unsweetened flavors count as a five-a-day fruit and veggie according to experts, but not without repercussions. Nearly 25% of toddlers … Read More

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