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Teething Remedies for Babies

Teething is not a fun experience for either the baby or the parents. During teething, babies are extremely irritated due to the teeth growing in their gums. Some symptoms of teething include: drooling, irritated mood, chewing on hands, feet, objects, swollen gums, trouble sleeping, and trouble eating. There are many … Read More

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Our Favorite Teething Remedies

While some babies don’t seem to be affected by teething, others are fussier than usual when the first symptoms of teething appear.  This usually happens right around the six-month mark, but it’s perfectly normal for the first tooth to come in anywhere between 3-12 months.  By the time your little … Read More

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How to Relieve Teething Pain for Your Baby

Baby teeth are a special mark of your child’s development. Despite this exciting time it can prove to be a painful transition for your baby. If you need help easing the pain associated with teething, try any number of these home remedies. Relief is possible for both of you. The … Read More

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