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How to Relieve Teething Pain for Your Baby

Baby teeth are a special mark of your child’s development. Despite this exciting time it can prove to be a painful transition for your baby. If you need help easing the pain associated with teething, try any number of these home remedies. Relief is possible for both of you.all about baby teeth and relieving pain

The first remedy that many parents turn to is a low-strength aspirin or similar pain medication. While this might offer baby relief for several hours, it doesn’t provide you with a long term solution. The last thing you’ll want to do as a parent is resort to a constant regimen of pain medication. This stresses the need for more natural solutions.

One of the first options you can try to alleviate painful teething is by turning to your freezer. Begin by icing one of your baby’s bottles. You can also try sticking a banana in the freezer. Aside from providing some necessary nutrition, this frozen treat can quickly numb irritated gums.

Another popular and emerging technique is offering your baby a teething necklace. These stylish little bands are perfect for baby to chew on and relieve her teething pain in the process. Make sure you buy your teething necklace from a reputable retailer as some necklaces can present a choking hazard.

Keep in mind, gentle pressure to the gums is an effective solution overall. If all else fails than you can simply take a clean finger and softly massage baby’s mouth. One more solution is to keep your child distracted. Playing with them or treating them with a trip to the zoo can make them forget about the pain.

Keep your baby comfortable as they develop their baby teeth. If you need any assistance along the way, enlist our friendly team of experts. We’ll make your child’s oral health a priority!





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