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What do I do if my Child Knocked Out Her Baby Tooth?

Childhood is a time of bumps and bruises, especially as children are still mastering that whole business of coordinating body movements. Sometimes, a fall that catches a table or edge or a ball to the face can knock out a baby tooth. You may be wondering what to do in … Read More

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Teething Remedies for Babies

Teething is not a fun experience for either the baby or the parents. During teething, babies are extremely irritated due to the teeth growing in their gums. Some symptoms of teething include: drooling, irritated mood, chewing on hands, feet, objects, swollen gums, trouble sleeping, and trouble eating. There are many … Read More

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How to Relieve Teething Pain for Your Baby

Baby teeth are a special mark of your child’s development. Despite this exciting time it can prove to be a painful transition for your baby. If you need help easing the pain associated with teething, try any number of these home remedies. Relief is possible for both of you. The … Read More

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The First Trip to the Dentist

Taking your child to the dentist for the first time can be a scary occasion for both you and your toddler. By 2 ½ most children have cut all of their baby teeth, so toddlerhood is a great time to start practicing positive dental habits. Many dentists recommend that kids … Read More

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