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Custom Mouthguards for Little Athletes

Are you the parent nail-biting on the sidelines that your child doesn’t trip and break his teeth instead of cheering? If you’re concerned about your son or daughter knocking his or her teeth out, then you should consider athletic mouth guards. These devices are plastic dental forms that are worn … Read More

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Merry Christmas from DC Dental!

The team at DC Dental wishes you and your family a happy holiday! Stay warm and safe, we hope to see you soon!  

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Are Christmas Cavities Inevitable?

Are Christmas cavities an inevitable component of the winter season? It’s certainly a challenge for parents –ensuring their children aren’t saturated with sugary snack sweets, the consequences of which affect oral health in many significant ways. The first thing parents should know is that certain candies are considered far worse than others; … Read More

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Stopping Dental Anxiety in Its Tracks

There are plenty of ways to scare kids – enforcing an earlier bedtime, telling them to get ready for church, preparing an experimental meatloaf – we just don’t think scheduling a visit with the dentist should be added to that shortlist. Is it possible your child suffers from dental anxiety? … Read More

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Flex Your Willpower: Pastry vs. Teeth Whitening

You’re walking through the mall after a long day of shopping when you suddenly smell that sweet, sweet smell you immediately recognize. It’s cinnamon rolls. As you walk closer and closer towards the smell, your mouth begins to water and your knees get weak. Be honest: what could possibly be … Read More

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Hilarious Animals

Why are animals so hilarious? Perhaps the best comedy is the result of never intending to be humorous in the first place. You don’t see many dogs doing standup comedy, and yet they’re some of the most hilarious individuals around. Animal lovers take serious joy from the laughs these special … Read More

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Great Lengths for Great Smiles – How Far Some Are Willing to Go

Here is a little story about the great lengths some people are willing to travel for a great smile. It’s been said that a great smile is perhaps the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. From making a strong first impression to locking down a job interview, one … Read More

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What to Eat After A Wisdom Tooth Removal

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a rite-of-passage that most people go through in their late teens. While not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed it is important to have some food prepared for the week following the procedure when you can’t eat solid foods.  Wisdom Tooth Recipes … Read More

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Fluoride in the Dental World

The enamel is the toughest part of our bodies and yet they can’t safeguard our oral health without a little help from time to time. One of the greatest ways to reinforce the natural protection of our teeth is through the use of fluoride, a treatment offered through DC Dental. … Read More

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The Affordable Dentist Phoenix Chooses for Dental Sealants

Have you ever wondered why DC Dental is the affordable dentist Phoenix trusts for their sealants? No, it’s not simply a matter of competitive pricing – it’s an otherworldly level of customer care.  Many people don’t understand the benefits of preventative dentistry, they think procedures are only needed to correct … Read More

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