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Fluoride in the Dental World

The enamel is the toughest part of our bodies and yet they can’t safeguard our oral health without a little help from time to time. One of the greatest ways to reinforce the natural protection of our teeth is through the use of fluoride, a treatment offered through DC Dental.

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Bacteria gradually eats away at the protective surface of our teeth over time, leaving it more vulnerable to tooth decay. Experts recommend that we undergo regular fluoridation treatments to help regain the minerals of our teeth that are lost to plaque buildup. We also can use fluoride treatments to help reinforce the young teeth of children.

Fluoride is a mineral commonly found in food and water. The treatment process helps bolster tooth enamel and can even repair existing damage to teeth. Exposing our teeth to fluoride has been proven to help resist acid, making it far less likely that it will decay sometime in the future.

The primary benefit associated with fluoride is the prevention of tooth decay. It helps to reverse erosion that has taken place. Specifically, it seeks out the areas along the enamel and replaces the minerals that were eroded. Simply put, the use of fluoride is an invaluable tool within the dental world.

Fluoride can be administered in a variety of different ways. The first and most effective method is receiving treatments from your dentist. This professional service ensures that your teeth receive the proper amount of fluoride to regroup their natural defenses. It’s especially effective among children, who have teeth easily weakened by tooth decay.

You can also find fluoride in many sources of drinking water, many common toothpastes and even dental flosses. It’s just about everywhere you look! These are great sources to help keep teeth clean and protected until your next scheduled cleaning.

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