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Fluoride in the Dental World

The enamel is the toughest part of our bodies and yet they can’t safeguard our oral health without a little help from time to time. One of the greatest ways to reinforce the natural protection of our teeth is through the use of fluoride, a treatment offered through DC Dental. … Read More

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Mouthwash

If you’re looking to bolster your oral hygiene regimen, adding mouthwash to the mix makes all the difference. Similar to floss, mouthwash is designed to address all the areas of your mouth where bacteria cannot be tamed by the everyday toothbrush. Some people don’t know that choosing the best mouthwash … Read More

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What to Avoid and Look for When You Buy Your Next Tube of Toothpaste

Whether or not you’re a fan of holistic healing or are interested in science; I think we can all agree that some ingredients are better than others. Toothpaste is full of complicated sounding names, but how do you know what’s actually good and potentially hazardous? Let’s start with fluoride; this … Read More

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Fluoride Use and Alternatives

Fluoride can be used during your routine home care to reduce cavities and prevent tooth decay. However, some patients are concerned about the health effects of using fluoride. Make the decision for yourself with our outline of fluoride use and alternatives. The first thing you need to do is understand … Read More

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